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Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya

You will find the relevant verses in the Gita Press edition. The critical edition had left out the relevant verses. One of the editors, Dr. Bevalkar, was of the opinion that Bhagavad Gita could not have had 745 verses and so the relevant verses were left out.

Secondly Abhinavagupta does not give all the rare verses. He mentioned only some of them. 

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Radhe Krishna

""Actually, I am curious where the mahAbhArata verses are to be found, which specify the total number of verses in the gItA as well as individual counts for the various speakers.""

I remember long back there was some discussion on same topic between Sh.Vidyasankar and Sh.Siva Senani Nori. I searched our archives.  May please go through.


The discussion may not completely address the queries raised by Sh.Vidyasankar.  But still one find related discussion.

I vaguely remember Sh.Siva Senani Nori had further discussions on Abhinava Gupta's commentary. May be, one should go for a refined search of archives.  

Perhaps Sh.Siva Senani Nori garu may throw light on the issue.

Radhe Krishna
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