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PramAnA is the ultimate!
Interpretation is personal!!!
Except Bhagavan ShankarA's bhAshyam.
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> On Wed, 31 Oct 2012, Rajaram Venkataramani wrote:
>  In SBh 1.5.12, Kadalangudi Sastrigal translates that atma jnanam does not
>> look well when devoid of devotion to the supreme lord. In SBh 3.29.13, it
>> is clearly said that a pure devotee does not want any kind of liberation
>> including ekatvam. A similar view is expressed in SBh 4.9.29.
>> In SBh
>> 2.3.10, three kinds of devotes are talked about. One who is free from all
>> desires, one who has all desires and one who has desire for liberation.
>> So,
>> it is not that there are only devotees with desires in the material world
>> and devotees who want to get out of it.There are akama bhaktas who perform
>> devotion only because of attraction to the lord. We may not have that kind
>> of devotion but cannot say that it does not exist.
> Desire for liberation is a bit of an oxymoron isn't it when it is desire
> which is the cause of bondage in the first place.  But everyone has to say
> atleast "I want jnana."  So Advaita Vedanta acknowledges that but says that
> as the sadhaka advances even that desire will burn away and he will just
> come to mukti as it happens.
> It's the same with the bhakta.  Savitri did not "relish" death she was
> just following Satyavan and that is where it led her.  A bhakta is in
> constant communion with his Lord.  That will lead to moksha.  There is no
> desire involved.
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