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Dear friends,

You can clearly see that 45 verses spoken by Lord Krishna was omitted. In the original version of 745 verses Lord Krishna spoke 620 verses and in the vulgate version of 700 verses there are only 475 verses attributed to Lord Krishna, i.e., 45 verses are missing. 

Abhinavagupta gave a few missing verses spoken by the Lord but he also added some extra verses to Arjuna's account, probably with a view to elucidating Arjuna's questions.

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I was busy and could not respond immediately. Here are the details:
Gita Press. VI.43.4 (page No. 2813, 10th reprint of Sam. 2063), immediately after the ending of Bhagavadgita
षट्शतानि सविंशानि श्लोकानां प्राह केशवः ।
अर्जुनः सप्तपञ्चाशत् सप्तषष्टिं तु संजयः ।। 4 ।।
धृतराष्ट्रः श्लोकमेकं गीताया मानमुच्यते । 

>Radhe Krishna
>Keshava spoke in Six hundred and twenty Slokas; Arjuna, fifty-seven; Sanjaya, sixty-seven; and Drhitarashtra, one - thus, is said to be the length of Gita. 
>""Actually, I am curious where the mahAbhArata verses are to be found, which specify the total number of verses in the gItA as well as individual counts for the various speakers.""
>I remember long back there was some discussion on same topic between Sh.Vidyasankar and Sh.Siva Senani Nori. I searched our archives.  May please go through.
>The discussion may not completely address the queries raised by Sh.Vidyasankar.  But still one find related discussion.
>I vaguely remember Sh.Siva Senani Nori had further discussions on Abhinava Gupta's commentary. May be, one should go for a refined search of archives.  
>Perhaps Sh.Siva Senani Nori garu may throw light on the issue.
>Radhe Krishna
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Keshava spoke in Six hundred and twenty Slokas; Arjuna, fifty-seven; Sanjaya, sixty-seven; and Drhitarashtra, one - thus, is said to be the length of Gita.
The Nirnay Sagar edition with Nilakantha's bhashya has five slokas which praise Gita including the above qouted fourth one. By way of commentary, there is no explanation as to why only 700 (or 701) are actually printed (I did not count actually in Gita Press or the one with Bhaavadeepa bhaashya of Nilakantha, but am assuming it is so), but has this comment given in the bhashya: गीतासुगीताकर्तव्या इत्यादयः सार्धाः पंचश्लोका गौ़डैर्नपठ्यंते। The five and half slokas starting with "geetaa sugeetaa kartavyaa . . ." etc. are not read by the Gaudas (Bengalis or Easterners).
The critical edition of BORI does not have the five verses (Gita ends in Chapter 40 in BORI version; and the present one is numbered 41) - not even marked as interpolations. I do not have the printed version so I cannot check if any comments were given by the editors (I have one of those text versions available on the internet).
N. Siva Senani 
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