[Advaita-l] Future births

Br. Pranipata Chaitanya pranipata at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 23 07:28:09 CST 2012

Hari Om! pranaams!

> I understand that the jnani will last as long as his prarabhda does. But will this prarabhda (post realization) last several lifetimes or only for the duration of that particular birth? 
> Suresh 

Among other places, in commentary to BG verse 13.23 - saH na bhUyaH abhijAyate -- you will find this matter discussed where pUrvapakShi argues it might require minimum 3 more future births got GYAni to exhaust all prArabdha. 

In Shri Guru Smriti,
Br. Pranipata Chaitanya

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