[Advaita-l] Future births

Suresh mayavaadi at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 23 10:05:09 CST 2012

***Generally the latter is true.  That is, it will last only for the duration
of that particular birth.  In exceptional cases the enormous puNya of the
jiva will be 'utilized' or 'recognized' and the jiva will occupy a cosmic
portfolio.  At the end of the tenure he will be released for ever, without
returning to any loka.  This case is called 'AdhikArika puruSha' and is
dealt with in the Brahmasutra bhashyam.  The instance of Vyasa, the Yama of
the Kathopanishad, could be cited in this***

Thanks so much. One question related to this. What's the indication that one is a jhani - does one exhibit extraordinary qualities like Ramana Maharishi, or is it possible that a Jnani could be indistinguishable from a lay person (except for the understanding that Brahman is the sole reality)?

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