[Advaita-l] An appeal for donations toward Veda Samrakshana

sriram nagaraj sriram_photon at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 30 00:58:07 CST 2012

Namaste to all,

 am writing to appeal for donations towards the newly constructed Veda 
Patashala and Ashrama named "Sri Shanthi Ashramam", began by Smt. 
Rajalakshmi Vittal with the Paripoorna Ashirvaada of Sri Kanchi 
Mahaperiyava. Attached is the flyer regarding the same.

I must 
add that my father visited this Ashramam early this week and he was 
simply awed by the dedication, devotion and Bhakti of the elderly Maami,
  Smt. Rajalakshmi Vittal who, single-handedly takes care of most of the
 Ashramam, including cooking for the Vidyarthis and Adhyapakas, managing
 the day-to-day affairs of the Ashramam, entertaining visitors, and yet 
does all this smilingly and with the utmost sincerity and devotion to 
Sri Mahaperiyava. The Ashramam is run by  Sri Jagathguru Kanchi 
Maamunivar Charitable Trust, founded by Maami. 

It is clear that the trust is not interested in accumulating 
funds, but rather, are in need of funds to cover the expenses, including
 installation of deity shrines, Nitya Annadanam etc.

Please read 
through the attached brochure and the following The Hindu article for 
more information. I strongly encourage all to contribute
 generously to this divine and noble cause and pass on the message to 
others as well.


Please visit the website:


Note that they accept online donations as well. If you need more information, please contact me.

Sriram Nagaraj

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