[Advaita-l] Difference between Vijnana and Jnana

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> Dear Members,
> Can you please help me understand the concept Vijnanam, and the Jnanam.

Jnanam, when used along with vijnAnam, is 'knowledge derived from the
shAstra and Acharya. ' We can say this is parokSha jnAnam or indirect

VijnAnam, in this case, would be the aparokSha jnAnam, direct knowledge, or
'anubhava jnAnam'.  This knowledge will result in immediate liberation.
The Bh.GitA  9th chapter first verse  speaks of this vijnAnam.

> I am really interested to know is the Vijnanam mentioned in Taittiriya
> Upanishad,

Here, it is the 'vijnAnamayakosha', if I am referring to what you have in
mind.  This is the intellect.  The kartRtva buddhi is said to be the
characteristic of this vijnAnamaya kosha.  KartRtva is with regard to both
scripture-ordained and laukika, worldly, work.  (विज्ञानं यज्ञं तनुते,
कर्माणि तनुतेऽपि च)

Thus, the terms jnanam and vijnanam will take the meaning as per the
context.  One can get help from the Acharya's bhashya to determine the
right meaning.  What has been explained above is based on the bhashya.


> Thanks,
> Shriharsha
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