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Shree Suresh - who am I, enquiry will only give the answer to who am I, if it is done properly by anvaya vyatiraka logic or avasthaatraya or pancakosha viveka, by negating whom I am not as I am. That is only tvam padartha vichaara or inquiry of one aspect of tat tvam asi - you are tha. 
To undestand what I have rejected that which I am not, is also I am - as stated in the tat tvam asi -I am that - mahavaakya vichaara, one needs shaastra pramaaNa and therfore requires a teacher who can teach the saastras. Many Ramana followers and many neo advaitins do not understand this problem and think we do not need to study shaastras and all we need to do sit down and findout who am I - without realizing Bhagavan Ramana has himself selected many slokas from Geeta and Vivekachudaamani for study and help in this enquiry. 
Hari Om!

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>Many people are of the view that Ramana's method of self-inquiry is effective to realize nondual awareness. But I am confused. By asking who am I, are we supposed to find an answer? What exactly is the point of the inquiry?
>Looking for some insights.
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