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How can just the knowledge give the liberation if one does not lead one's life in accordance with the knowledge. One who knows that one is in everybody will one do anything for oneself before doing that the same to others. One, just learning the techniques of swimming theoretically from a book or from a person orally,  cannot be a swimmer unless one takes the plunge and does practice of swimming.

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Dear friends,

Thanks for all the insights. It will take some time to study them carefully, but in the meantime I have a doubt related to this. This has been gnawing at me for a long time. 

In dualistic traditions, god vision is the objective, and even in Buddhism the seeker looks out for jhanas and such experiences. So my question is, Must something extraordinary happen in an advaitin's life to confirm that his advaitic realization is genuine, perhaps the advaitin equivalent of a jhana? If an advaitin has no such experience all his life (only theoretical understanding), does that mean his knowledge will not liberate him at death, and that he will have to take birth again?

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