[Advaita-l] Diff. between turiya and prajna

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On Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 11:41 PM, Suresh <mayavaadi at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Namaste,
> What's the difference between turiya and prajna? In both cases, there is
> consciousness without objects. So why is turiya different from prajna?
> Suresh

Dear Suresh,

To put the matter succinctly, prAjna is consciousness, no doubt without
objects, but is endowed with the potential of the objects.  That is, only
the manifest objects are not there for prajna to perceive/experience, but
the objects are there in their unmanifest form in the prajna.  When
waking/dream arise the manifestation will take place.  The prajna is the
cause, in seed form, for the manifest world.

On the other hand, the Turiya has no objects even in their seed form.  The
Turiya is not a 'cause' of the manifest world.  Turiya is kArya-kAraNa
vilakShaNa.  That is, the Turiya transcends the cause-effect duality.  [The
prajna is still in that duality]

The prAjna is a samsAri but the turiya is nitya mukta svarUpam.


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