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> I have a doubt.Its very 'mundane'' in the sense not very hi-fi shashtraaic.
> In the recently concluded araadhana of Sri Abhinava Vidyathirtha
> Mahasvaminaha(Mahaswamigal),Acharyal was doing abhishekham/puja to a
> black salagraamam.
> During Araadhana(i),is there any reason why saalagraramam is used?

The person who gave the commentary  even as the pUjA was telecast live,
said:  In the tradition, the departed Acharya is considered
'viShNusvarUpa'.  Hence the abhiShekam, etc. are done for the sAligrAma.

> Also in the daily Sri Chandramouliswara Puja at night,two salagramams
> are used-one the above dark one and another of grey colour which I
> believe is called Narasimha Salagramam.Why is it so called? And what
> is the black salagramam called?
> The sphatika lingam is enclosed in a murthi of Lord Iswara with Amba
> mounted on Rishabha,I think.Where do the two salagramams go?

The two salagrama stones are wiped and sandal paste, etc. are applied to
them and tulasi is placed on them and they are kept in the first (lowest)
step of the pUjA peeTham.


> I hope the moderators do not mind this 'mundane' question.
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