[Advaita-l] meaning of shumbha - nishumbha - kaiTabha

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Apologies to add to this post before hearing from anyone.
Possible approaches to this using other similar words
and instances:
1. shuMbha:
   if we remove anusvAra from shuM, we get: shubha
   if we shift "u" from "shuM" to "bha" we get : shaMbhu
   shubha means good/ auspicious, shambhu is one who promotes good.
   Can we somehow conclude from this that : shuMbha is a 
   subtle perversion of shubha or shaMbhu. Any support to this 
   interpretation from grammar/ etymology? 
2. ni-shumbha
   Consider yama - niyama
   If we take the meaning of niyama as it used in Indian languages
   today (hindi, marathi, ...) it means a discipline that is to be
   followed as a routine. So then we can extend this to yoga to
   possibly mean: that which is referred to in yama is given a 
   continuity though practice of niyama. Any support to this from
   grammar / etymology?
   If yes, then we can possibly have nishumbha mean one who gives
   continuity to whatever shumbha represents?
3. While we are on this topic, if some one can similarly analyze
   what kaiTabha may mean, it will be most useful.

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What would be the possible meanings of shumbha and nishumbha
only from sanskrit grammar/ etymology viewpoint.


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