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Fri Oct 26 09:55:26 CDT 2012

Dear all,


Recently I was asked by someone not able to read tamil or have immediate
access to books published in India about a part of Sri Ramana's early life
after he came out to the world.
According to the narration, Bhagvan Ramana did not have good knowledge of
upanishads etc. in moolam to begin with. When he started expanding his
"who-am-I?' process in easier terms,
traditional vedantins -   read, advaitins - challenged him to provide
scriptural proof.  Bhagavan then conferred with some close scholars ( my
guess, like Sri vashishta ganapathi muni)
and was able to provide ample proof of congruency between what he was
saying and what was in the major upanishads in essence.

The question I was asked was about documentation of this or anything in a
similar vein in the early writings of the devotees of Bhagavan either in
tamizh or english.  The context was, I believe,
to answer the question, 'can advaitic jnaana be obtained independent of
knowledge of upanishads and brahma sutra'.

Since this question in more relevant to advaita, i chose to post it here.
If it does not fit the scope, kindly email me in private so as not to
distract the list readers.

namaskaram and dhanyavaada.

-gopal gopinath

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