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The passages below are from "Ramana Leela" an english adaptation of a
biography of
Bhagavan in Telugu by Krishna Bhikshu (Sri Oruganti Venkata Krishnayya)
published by Ramanasramam.
This book happens to be one of the most authentic biographies of Bhagavan
because it was read before
Bhagavan several times when he was alive and was corrected as per his

"Uddandi Nayanar came to know that the Swami had
knowledge of Tamil. Thereupon he begged him to give
him some upadesa. By then the Swami was not familiar
with any scriptural literature, whereas Uddandi Nayanar
had already read a lot of it – what he looked forward to
was some teaching born out of experience. As if to suit
him, the Swami wrote the instructions on scraps of paper.
Nayanar retained them until his last days, as precious
treasures. He recited them with the reverence reserved for
the mahavakyas.


Palaniswami could not read well but was interested
in doing so. He took great pains in reading the Tamil
spiritual texts borrowed from the Nagalingaswamy Library
in the town. He could read with great difficulty but could
not understand. Sympathizing with him the Swami would
go through the texts in a short time and explain them in
easy language to Palaniswami. The Swami was intelligent,
he had the experience of Reality and was capable of
memorizing the terminology. Thus because of Palaniswami
the Swami became familiar with the Tamil texts of Kaivalya
Navaneetham, Vasishtam, Viveka Choodamani and the like.
Palaniswami became the second disciple of the Swami."

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