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Dear Venkatesh Murthy and all list members:

This is with reference to the below-mentioned posting made by you in course of discussion.

In this regard, I would like to remind you the 8th verse of the famous DEVYAPARADHKSHAMAPANSTROTRAM of Poojya Adi Shankaracharya as follows:

na mokshsyakanksha bhav vibhav vanchapi ch na me

na vigyanapeksha sashimukhi sukhechchapi na punah:|

atastvam sanyache janani yaatu mum vai

mrudani rudrani shiv shiv bhavaniti japatah:||8||

In light of the above and that of famous devotees Ramakrishna and others, can the enlightened list members say something more on moksha and bhakti?

Bishwa Prakash Subedi

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Some Vaishnavas say even Moksha is bad and we have to not ask for
Moksha. We have to get born again and again and sing the praise of
Vishnu in every life. No need for Moksha at all. Why they are saying
they don't want Moksha? Because they think in Moksha this Bhagavan and
Bhakta Dvaita will end. But this type of thinking is not there in the

In Vaikuntha and Brahma Loka the Soul can get any enjoyment by thought
only. If you think I have to enjoy Payasa it will immediately come to
you.  If you think I have to enjoy women they come immediately also.
But in the end the Brahma Loka will get destroyed and the Soul will
become Nirguna Brahman only.

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