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Dear Sri Venkatesh  Murthy
The examples you have given are verifiable by any normal human being.But saying that it is meaningless to question about the contradictions and mysteries of existence is not correct.Only because our forefathers began questioning these aspects we have so many schools of philosophy.They are still unravelled and we are all trying to resolve the contradictions and mysteries of life through this forum.The bull can not even make a sound.Tortoise also has no teeth.Mosquito has some 45 teeth.The list of such amazing truths in our environment is endless.
Scientists formulate theories to explain these- they say evolution- We say these are all His manifestations.The Why is what we are all after.So it is not meaningless to search for the truth as we all believe there is a Cause.Karanam vina na karyam prabhavathi is an old saying.Let us strive to seek to find and not to yield.R.Krishnamoorthy.

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> Namaste
> Vedanta For Beginners
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> 'Kakadanta-Nyaya
> This is akin to Vandhya-putra-Nyaya, Gaganaaravinda-Nyaya,
> Gandharvanagara-Nyaya or
> Shashavishna-Nyaya. It is useless to search for the teeth of a crow, for it
> has no teeth. Similar is the
> case with the son of a barren woman, a lotus grown in the sky, a city in
> the clouds, and the horns of a
> hare. This is to show that it is meaningless to question about the
> contradictions and mysteries of
> existence like “Why did the Perfect God create an imperfect world?” etc.,
> for there is no real change
> and there is no creation at all in reality, and that these questions arise
> so long as the Sun of Wisdom has not arisen.'
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> Regards
> -Venkatesh
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