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Hare Krishna Sriram.

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> Namaste Rajaram Ji,
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> There is also a commentary on Gopala Tapani Upanishad by
> Visveswara, who I think Madhusudana's guru. Other commentaries are by Jiva,
> Prabhodananda, Visvanatha and Baladeva
> ///
> I would advice you to meet Mahamahopadhyaya Haridas Sastry Ji Maharaj of
> Brindavan.  Maharaj is a great krishnOpAsaka and hails from the direct
> lineage of Rupa Goswami.  He stays in Kaliadah of Brindavan.  An
> octogenarian who mastered purva mimamsa, jagadisha bhatta & gadAdhara
> bhatta nyAya in early teens itself.  A great tArkika and vyAkaraNa shAstra
> paNDita.
> Having mastered the entire shAstra, his only sAdhana now is "gO-sEva"
> right from morning to evening.  He performs the gO-sEva just as King Dilip
> performed in Raghuvamsam.
RV: He is a great person anda devotee of Krisnna and his service to cows is
laudable but some of his interpretations of shastras do not stand the test
of logic. For example, he believes that there is absolutely no animal
sacrifice or even war in vedic yajnas. The introduction of these in smrti
or bhashyas is degradation. I disagree with that and am only concerned with

> As per gaudiya vaishnavism, there is an eternal gO-lOka and the objective
> of the gaudiyas is to attain that gO-lOka and participate in "Eternal Rasa
> Lila" amidst rAdha and kriSNa.  Sri Haridas Maharaj Ji in sUkSma shareeram
> takes part in this rAsa lila.
RV: There are a some devotees engaged in Krishna lIlA, others in Siva or
Sakti etc. Anyway, the objective of a gaudiya vaishnava is not go to goloka
but to be devoted to Krishna without expectation of results birth after
birth. Sri Krishna Caitanya sings "mama janmani janmanIsvare bhavatad
bhakti ahaituki tvayi" (let me devoted to you birth after birth"
Bhaktivinod sings "kita janma hau jata tuwa dasa bahir mukha brahma janme
nAhi Asa" (expressing preference over birth as a worm devoted to Krishna
rather than as Brahma not devoted). There are many philosophical works of
the acharyas which talk about this.

The existence of an eternal loka within vyavahara is supported by Advaita
tradition also. I have not only read the texts that support it but also
reviewed with Sri Mani Dravid Sastrigal.

> You are gauDiya vaishnava and i would advice you to approach Maharaj Ji in
> Brindavan and seek clarifications.
RV:  I am not sectarian. Truth alone is my path.

> Partly reading gaudiya vaishnava siddhAnta and partly reading advaita
> siddhAnta would create confusion in the mind whose objectives and
> philosophies are entirely different.
> Either you study gauDiya siddhAnta or you study advaita siddhAnta.
RV:  In our traditions, there was eclecticism. As Thiruvalluvar said,
"Whoever says whatever, determining the truth thereof is intelligence".
Kalidasa gives a similar quote which Sringeri Periyava quotes.

> regs,
> sriram
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