[Advaita-l] Saddharshanam - of Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi

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PraNAms to all
Saddharshanam - is a text by Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi - which was originally written in Tamil by Bhagavan as ulladunarpadu and which was later translated into Sanskrit by Shree Shastri, who I think is related to our friend Sriram in the list. Perhaps Sriram can provide more background for this. 
The very introductory invocation slokas (two) are so profound and Bhagavan packs the whole of Vedanta in those. The first sloka talks about jnaana aspect involving - satyam jnanam anantam Brahma  and while the second sloka talks from Bhakti point. Interestingly Bhagavan refers to Markandeya story - where the young boy of 16 surrenders to Lord Shiva to protect him from the Lord of Death. Bhagavan in his characteristic way says - one who approached the MRityunja (Lord Shiva) for protection from the Lord of Death, instead of protecting the devotee, completely eliminates or destroys the devotee. This does not look  fair at the outset.  In essence what the Lord destroys is the devotee-deity duality and there is no more devotee left separate from Him. To that Lord of compassion, my prostrations. 
We have taken this text few years ago as part of our Memorial Day -two day spiritual Camp series, and they are now currently made available in yu-tube format for those interested. 
Below is the reference to the talks which were just uploaded. 
These talks are now on CMWRC's YouTube channel! Here is the playlist:

Hari Om!

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