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> Yes. That is why I cited that BSB 2.1.14 sentence.  Sarvajnatva,etc. are
> avidyAkalpita-effects that are superimposed in nirguna brahman.  So, by
> knowledge all these are to be dropped, rather, get dropped.  When these are
> dropped there is no such entity to be called Ishwara.  Nor a jiva.  There
> is, was and will be one  pure nirguna brahman. This is the Advaita
> siddhanta.  As Sri Vidyashankar pointed out much before, you seem to be
> making an attempt to somehow bring about a marriage between Advaita and
> some form of vaishnavism and trying to pass it off as the advaita of
> Shankara sampradaya.  Such attempts will not succeed.  Taking the support
> of Madhusudana too will not help in this.
We can see this kind of thought coming in Sri Bhashya of Ramanuja 2 - 1 - 15

Sarvaa Hi Shrutayaha SaSmruti Itihaasa Puraanaaha Sarveshvareshvaram
Sadaiva Sarvajnam Sarvashaktim Satyasankalpam Niravadyam Deshakaala
Anavacchinna Anavadhika Atishayaanandam Paramkaaranam Brahma
Pratipaadayanti  - Na Punar Ishvaraadapi Param Ishvaraamshi Sanmaatram

All Shrutis, Smrutis, Itihasa and Puranas explain the Supreme Cause Brahma
who is none other than the Lord of all Lords always Sarvajna and all
powerful and Satya Sankalpa and free from defects and without restrictions
of Place and Time and always full of Joy. But not Pure Existence Sanmaatra
higher than Ishwara and having Ishwara as a Part.

> What is the use in delving on this?  As stated several times before, the
> greatest bhakta as per Advaita is the greatest nirguNa jnAni who has
> understood as stated by me in the foregoing. All the talk of gopis, etc.
> will not weigh with the ultimate position of advaita.
It is very true.  Geetaachaarya Krishna has said the best Bhakta is Jnani.
Jnani Tu Atmaiva Me Matam. BG 7 - 18 The other bhaktas talking excitedly
about Krishna dancing and enjoying with Gopis is entertainment only.

> >
> > >   Such being the case where is the individuality that will persist
> > > in/as Ishwara eternally for a Jnani?
> >
> > RV: There is no individuality (if by that you mean ahankara) for that
> > Vishnu (Rudra if you will or Shakti) who is beyond all names and forms.
> >
> But Advaita does not admit of the jnani becoming any of the gods upon
> liberation.
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