[Advaita-l] Need information on learning Vedas online

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Sat Aug 17 13:12:36 CDT 2013

I thought it is highly desirable to learn Vedas more than Sanskrit.

arthamajAnAnAM nAnAvidhashabdamAtrapATavatAM
upamEyashchakrIvAn malayabhArasya vODaiva

The meaning:

Without knowing the meaning and essence of the mantras, the japa & parayana of the same is like a donkey that carries the load of the sandalwood.  The donkey neither knows the importance of the sandalwood nor the odour of the sandalwood.  

Chanting of vedas and mantras without bhASAjnAna is compared with the above donkey. 

There is always a lack if bhASa jnAna is not there.  The rasAnubhUti would not be there.  

Even to understand the vEda bhASya like sAyaNa, one should know sanskrit.


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