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Thu Aug 22 00:54:12 CDT 2013

Dear Bharadwaj Garu,


The second is their push for universalization of the usage of 'bhavan' (in
place of tvam) merely merely merely for convenience's sake. Bhavan is usued
for very special purposes in Sanskrit. Usage of tvam is more common and
recommended. There is not even a discussion on why tvam was preferred in
usage in the original!!

One more : they prefer to do away with the dual number in conversation.
They stick to, like the other languages, the singular and the plural usage


The above observation of yours is correct.  

Even my sanskrit acharya Dr.Vedantam Anjaneya Kumara Swamy Garu too observed the same. 

However, the "dream" of Sri Chamu Ji is to replicate the village Mattur across the country.  And we must appreciate his zeal, enthusiasm and his hard work which we are unable to do.  

This was actually the dream of Kavyakanta Ganapati Muni to make Sanskrit as National Language of India.  He proposed this in the Indian National Congress Meeting which was held at Belgaum in 30s.  He compiled an Indian Constitution called "sAmrAjya nibandhanaM" which was approved by Sri Aurobindo Ghosh, Mother, Madan Mohan Malaviya Ji.  Surprisingly, Dr.BR Ambedkar too approved this.  

Unfortunately, it was the ulterior motives of "so-called mahatma" gandhi who didn't approve the sanskrit and voted for Hindi.  There was negative voices who supported this in Parliament which resulted in watering down of Ganapati Muni's vision.    

Ultimately, he had to resign the Congress once for all.

Had sanskrit been made the National Language, things in India would have been different which could have boosted the bondage and unity among indians. 


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