[Advaita-l] Need information on learning Vedas online

Dr D Bharadwaj dr.d.bharadwaj at gmail.com
Mon Aug 26 09:20:11 CDT 2013

Dear Learned Friends,

I find two points raised here quite convincing. The first one is the wise
caution given out by the Sri Rajaram's father regarding the criticism in a
'Public Forum' and the observation by Sri Vidaya of ' tendency to give
negative spin given in this country in matters...'.

I too did not ever express this anywhere else in any Sabhaa. May be to a
few individuals. As a matter of fact, I did not find a Group that in the
first place that would comprehend what I was saying. May be, I blurted out
my frank opinion here because of my impression that this is a group with a
good number of scholarly members with  purely academic turn of mind,
forgetting for a moment, that its a public forum too.

Though it is quite amply evident in almost every mail of mine in this
thread, I would like to take the liberty to express here with a little more
explicitly, that I am not a critique of Samskrita Bharati, as such,
constructive or otherwise. Its, so to say, quite the opposite. In fact, as
I see people stoutly defending SB here, somewhere deep down I am actually
feeling good. I feel resistance to pit my opinion against theirs in any
forceful manner... It is, perhaps, out of that genuine love, that I could
not blind myself to what I perceive as I do in an aspect of the
dispensation there....

Anyway, I appeal, for what it is worth, to all here, in this Public Forum,
to take whatever I had expressed in this thread, merely as my personal
opinion and to get guided by their own considered understanding, best
inputs and personal experience on this matter.

This done, I would like to share here the link a video of a fluent
conversation in Classical Sanskrit, which came mt way, thanks to a good
friend. I enjoyed watching this.


sarvEShAm SubhASayAH



Dr. D. Bharadwaj

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