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> > Comparing with Sanskrit Bharati the Maths are doing a poor job. The Maths
> > have very great financial strength but not Sanskrit Bharati. But Sanskrit
> > Bharati is doing better job. If you say Maths are also doing something I
> > will say it is not enough. With the financial strength they can do
> wonders
> > in Sanskrit and Veda learning but unfortunately they are not doing it. It
> > is the foremost duty of the Maths to propagate Vaidika and Sanskrit
> > learning. They are failing in it. This is a sad situation.
> You speak as if you are privy to the income-expenditure statements of both
> Samskrita Bharati and the Sringeri Matha! And you are comparing apples and
> oranges, as they say. Samskrita Bharati has a narrowly defined focus, but
> Sringeri Matha has to manage a 1000 other things at the same time. And the
> models of leadership and activity are quite different. As they should be.
Some figures will explain Samskrita Bharati.

Today this movement has flowered into an International Organization
operating in 14 countries and touching the lives of millions worldwide.
There are 110 full time volunteers who have pledged their life for the
cause and thousands of such dedicated volunteers since the inception have
served the movement. A strong team of 70000 Samskrit trainers has been
developed who work in more than 2400 centres across the country. *Samskrit
is now the fastest growing language in the world*, with more than 80 Lakh
Indians having participated in about 1,26,000 ‘Spoken Samskrit’ Camps
organized free of cost so far by Samskrita Bharati. Samskrit serves as the
thread which binds together the entire nation transcending the
barriers of caste,regions
& languages.

 Question now is what are the figures for Sringeri and other Maths? How
many people? How many centres? How many people trained? Compare and see
yourself how Samskrita Bharati is contributing a lot and not so much the
other Maths. If they have huge finances why they are lagging?

Throwing money at a problem is not a way to bring long-lasting change.
> People
> with dedication are required. It is the foremost duty of the Mathas to
> preserve
> the path of nivRtti dharma and saMnyAsa, at least in the advaita
> tradition. It
> has never been in their charter historically to take on an activist kind
> of role that
> you and many other people want them to do today.
Sringeri Swamiji in the Anugraha speech in Bangalore said Adi Sankara came
to establish Dharma also like Krishna. Yada Yada hi Dharmasya Glanir
Bhavati Bharata. But difference is Adi Sankara did not kill demons like
Krishna. He destroyed ignorance and bad Doctrines of other beliefs. He did
not say everyone should simply stop all Vedic activities and become
Sannyasis.  It is the foremost duty of Maths of Adi Sankara to establish
Dharma also like him. If they teach only Sannyasa they are not following
Adi Sankara. They have to establish Vaidika Marga firmly and encourage
Sanskrit learning also.

> It really is the duty of gRhastha-s like you and me, to preserve and
> propagate
> dharma and to support the institutions of nivRtti dharma. The real sad
> situation
> is that we don't do all that we need to do, in our individual capacities.
> It is easier
> for us to sit in our armchairs and project our own failures onto others.
Leaders are needed. Leaders from Maths have to lead others first. They
cannot simply sit comfortably in Maths and spend time.

> >
> > The Kanchi Math is better than Sringeri because it has a lot of Veda
> > Pathashalas. Even many Vaidika Brahmins from Karnataka are going to
> Kanchi
> > for Veda studies. This is showing Sringeri is not doing much. The
> Sringeri
> > Swamiji is not even interested in visiting many places in Karnataka.
> People
> > there are calling him but he is not interested. He is going to many
> places
> > in TN and Andhra. This is very strange. Swamijis should have National and
> > International vision and propagate our Dharma and culture. Otherwise our
> > Dharma and culture will become weak.
> Can you keep personal prejudices and comments out of this forum? You are
> not
> even partially correct on the opinions that you present as if they are
> facts. You
> talk of a national and international vision, and in the same breath, a
> different
> complaint is specific to Karnataka, compared to Andhra and Tamil Nadu! In
> the
> larger picture, for Sringeri, it is not a question of competition with any
> other
> institution.  And to my knowledge, Sringeri Matha has never appointed
> itself
> as the sole authority over dharma and culture.
> Vidyasankar



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