[Advaita-l] Need information on learning Vedas online

Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 27 13:35:50 CDT 2013

>  Question now is what are the figures for Sringeri and other Maths? How
>many people? How many centres? How many people trained? Compare and see
>yourself how Samskrita Bharati is contributing a lot and not so much the
>other Maths. If they have huge finances why they are lagging?

Your previous mails asserted that they have huge finances; you didn't ask a
question. And you are still comparing apples and oranges. Samskrita Bharati
does not have to run temples or Mathas or Veda Pathasalas. It does not
maintain fixed properties spread across the country that have been inherited
over many centuries and it does not have to deal with numerous other kinds
of problems that an old Matha has.


> It is the foremost duty of Maths of Adi Sankara to establish
> Dharma also like him. If they teach only Sannyasa they are not following
> Adi Sankara. They have to establish Vaidika Marga firmly and encourage
> Sanskrit learning also
>Leaders are needed. Leaders from Maths have to lead others first. They
>cannot simply sit comfortably in Maths and spend time.

Can you step back a bit and see how downright insulting and condescending you
are when you write in this vein? As I mentioned before, you are not even partially
correct in what you take to be the facts.


Frankly, the real problem today is that everybody says they want leadership from
the Mathas, but nobody is prepared to actually listen to and implement what the
leaders from the Mathas are actually saying. As far as Sringeri Matha is concerned,
I suggest you pay close attention to the materials available at websites like
vijayayatra.sringeri.net and www.sringeri.net.


Finally, if you know for certain that you have solutions to problems, why don't you
step in and do something about it, rather than criticizing Sannyasis, who according
to you, do nothing more simply spend time sitting around? You think they are
leading comfortable lives with piles of cash. What sort of leadership can they really
provide you and what sort of follower will you be for someone you don't respect?




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