[Advaita-l] 'Ishwaro'ham' and 'IshwarabhAvaH'

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Fri Aug 30 06:45:55 CDT 2013

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>Contrast this support for an advaitin to your or Shri Sadananda's rejection of Sridhara Swami or Madhusudana Saraswati where it doesn't fit your current understanding of advaita. 

Shreeman Rajaram - PraNAms
Please note again what I had mentioned in my post.
I respect all achaaryas and all individuals too. The topic was not about Shree Shreedhara swamin or any other acharya. The topic from my point is the issue what was discussed or attributed to Shreedhara swamin by you, as I have never read what he said. I am interested in the issues that were discussed not individuals. Reverence to all acharyas is never compromised from my point. Reverence to the knowledge absolute is also not compromised. 
Hari Om!

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