[Advaita-l] Need meaning for one nama of Sri Subrahmanya

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Wed Dec 4 03:50:36 CST 2013


Yes.  Infact, among the several names of subramaNya, one is "guha" which
signify the chit-kaLa in the hridaya-guha which is the source of vAk.

That said, there are sapta-dasha prasthArAs / upAsana rahasyAs of 
subramaNya as per srItattvanidhi (which you possess).  They are:

1. jnAna-shakti subramaNya
2. skanda subramaNya
3. agnijAta subramaNya
4. saurabhEya subramaNya
5. gAngEya subramaNya
6. sharavaNOdbhava subramaNya
7. kArtikEya subramaNya
8. kumAra subramaNya
9. shaNmukha subramaNya
10. tArakAri subramaNya
11. sEnAni subramaNya
12. guha subramaNya
13. brahmachAri subramaNya
14. dEsika subramaNya
15. kraunchabhEdana subramaNya
16. shikhivAhana subramaNya
17. vElAyudha subramaNya

The 12th one is guha-subramaNya that confers the brahmajnAna.


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