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> How is all the three realized in the state of samadhi according to
> scriptures?

​These three are not different is to be understood.
Again, when their is no dR^iShya, i.e. in nirvikalpa-samAdhi, they are
realized as they are. They are known as devoid of any constraint​.
To understand, please note that sat, chit and Ananda are known in every
state, as they are adhiShThAna of everything. But, they are contained by
nAma and rUpa.
So, in samAdhi, just nAma-rUpa are discarded and sat ,etc. are reveled as

Again, this was independent description, which followed words of AchArya
sha~Nkara and yogasUtra.

This reply was assuming that 'how' means the 'form in which they are

If that meant 'the method of revelation', then it is definitely GYAna and
samAdhi, which was already a part of question!!!

If you want more specific answer, let us know how exactly sugarcane, etc.
taste ?

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