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Thank you again. 

What is the sampradaya view on a jnAni (during practice and after realisation) controlling the mind so that it dwells on the path of dharma and loka kshema?
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> Once ajnana is gone, how can desire remain in a jnAni?

Because, *GYAna *is not opposed to desire.

*GYAna *is opposed to *aGYAna *only and nothing else, is hold by
*GYAnamaGYAnasyaiva nivartakam* - says *vivaraNakAra*.
And *shrI sureshvarAchArya* says that - *avidyAnAshamAtraM tu
So, we should not expect anything else from it.
It is evident in our daily life that knowledge of pot destroys ignorance of
the same. What you do with known pot is another thing.

To make things clear,
*GYAna *is opposed to anything real (or reality of anything other than
*brahman*). So, if desire is also understood as unreal, where is the
problem ?

Moreover, *GYAna *means to know about oneness with *brahman*. Why should it
remove qualities of mind, etc.? Desire is one of them.

So, a *GYAnI *knows that '*guNA guNeShu vartante*'. Let mind, which is
unreal and *not*-*Atman*, dwell in anything; it doesn't affect *Atman, *because
oneness with mind is removed by* tvam-padArtha-shodhana*(which happens much
before *brahma-GYAna*).
As says *shrI sureshvarAchArya*:

*dhIvikriyAsahasrANAM hAnopAdAnadharmiNAm. sadA
*Atman* is witness of modifications of mind.
*He *again says:

*chhitvA tyaktena hastena svayaM nAtmA visheShyate.*
The hand which is shunned after cutting, is no more identified with
*Atman. *​

> Once I know that its a rope, there is no fear of snake.

​What about trembling which continues after knowledge of rope ? Same is the
case of body and activities of *GYAnI*.
So says *shrI sureshvarAchArya *-

*nivR^ittasarpaH sarpotthaM yathA kampaM na mu~nchati. *

*vidhvastAkhilamoho.api mohakAryaM tathAtmavit..*

> Once I know its mirage, there is no desire to quench thirst.
​Even if you are thirsty !!??​
Knowledge doesn't removes your thirst for water.

Actually, the problem which haunts *vaiShNava-s, karma-mImAMsaka-s,* etc.
is that if we accept a person with desire *GYAnI*, we may have to accept
that he may do anything, even which is against
*shiShTAchAra. *
Their fear is although not true. We don't support that *GYAnI *must go
against laws of *shiShTa-s. *Although, such can happen.

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