[Advaita-l] Desire, Jnana and Moksha

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​Venkatesh Ji,
Actually I think that I've already answered the question. So, I expect
others to explain it to you.

However, I will like to examine your questions here and will repeat same
things in another way.

On Thu, Dec 5, 2013 at 10:40 AM, Venkatesh Murthy <vmurthy36 at gmail.com>wrote:

> Because, *GYAna *is not opposed to desire.
> >
> But Jnana is opposed to Ajnana and Tatkaarya also.

​Here you have to understand that whenever we talk about cause-effect
relationship, it is direct in nature. That is *GYAna *is directly opposed
to *aGYAna *only.
'*Destruction of effects of aGYAna*' is effect of '*destruction of aGYAna*',
not of *GYAna*.

So, the statement made by me stands correct,i.e. *GYAna *is not opposed to
desire. You may add 'directly' for your understanding.

>  Ajnana is the Mula
> Avidya. The Jagat, Manas, and desires also are Kaarya of Mula Ajnana. WHEN
> the Mula Avidya is removed by Jnana there is no Kaarya also.

But, such removal of *aGYAna *doesn't happen in *jIvanmukta*(a *living
GYAnI*), is to be noted.
The removal of *aGYAna *which occurs in a *living GYAnI *is such that it
gives space to body, mind, desire, all.

 If you know
> Sukti Rajata is false will you have desire to get silver and become rich
> and build houses?

​Why not ?
If *shukti-rajata* is known false, in what way it is supposed to obstruct
my desire to be rich and build house ?
It just obstructs my exercise to get silver from front.

>  When you know rope is not snake will you have fear in
> approaching it?

​Correct. I may not have fear, but trembling may remain for some time and
hesitation too..
I mean, as you are showing an effect of *aGYAna *eradicated, so I'm showing
another effect still existing there. So, you are not able to make any rule
that every effect of *aGYAna *will go simultaneously.

Again note that eradication of fear is caused by eradication of ignorance,
not by knowledge.

>  When you Know the mirage water is false will you have
> desire to drink it?

But, as I said before - this is the case of ​

​total eradication of *aGYAna *and it's effects , which doesn't match the
case of *jIvanmukta*.
And, remember that desire is quality of mind or *jIva, *not of *sAxI
*or *suddha-tvam-padArtha
*which is one with *brahman.* So, if desire is there in mind which is
different from me, what is the problem ? Again desire is not real is
understood by me, so where is the problem ?

>  Thirst may be there but it is natural body function.
> Not desire. Desire is because of Ajnana.

​Why not desire for water would stay if I'm thirsty ? Do you know that
'desire for water' is another word for 'thirst' ?

Actually, you and rAjArAma, both have to be careful in making sentences
with appropriate and enough words so that it doesn't give us chance to
question your questions and understanding. And, the same way may cause
confusion for others.

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