[Advaita-l] Desire, Jnana and Moksha

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> But is this explanation better?

​See, we are giving explanations under fixed boundaries. We have to accept
*veda*-s as *pramANa*, we have to accept what is available through
*pratyaxa*, etc. , and we have to avoid their clashes too.
So, in present scenario we have this explanation which fits every criteria.
In this way, this is one of the best explanations.

> In a Jivanmukta also there is
> Avidya Lesha. A small quantity of Avidya is still remaining.

​Actually, whenever people express their own understanding instead of mere
objecting other's views, there are more chances that we could examine their
understanding and reveal differece of views.
You did the same here. So, here I'm doing the same.

*avidyA-lesha *is not 'small quantity of *avidyA*' - is to be understood
Questions you posed later in your post are based on this false assumption.
So, just removing this assumption will help you.
See, according to *saMpradAya avidyA-lesha* is :

*AvaraNavixepashaktimatyA mUlAvidyAyA
prArabdhakarma-vartamAnadehA-dyanuvR^itiprayojako vixepashaktyaMshaH.*​

*mUlA avidyA* has two *shakti*-s : *AvaraNa-shakti* and *vixepa-shakti*.
*GYAna *destroys *AvaraNa-shakti* part of *mUlAvidyA*, because only then
the realization of oneness 'I'm brahman' can be supported.
But, as *jIvanmukta*-s, i.e. '*GYAnI*-s with body, etc.'(which are effects
of *avidyA*) are seen in world and supported by scriptures. So, it is
accepted that *vixepa-shakti *of *avidyA *is not totally eradicated.
This *vixepa-shakti
part *of *avidyA *which continues after *GYAna *to support existence of
*prArabdha-karma*, present-body, etc. ; is known as *avidyA-lesha*.

As it is accepted only to support present body, etc. ; so there is no
question of it being continued to generate future bodies.

> The Avidya Lesha is causing all the desires and making him to act like a
> Baddha
> sometimes. But he knows he is not a Baddha but a Mukta.

​This is true.

> But there will be further question. When he dies the Avidya Lesha will
> cause one more birth for him or not? In that birth he has to again gain
> Jnana or he will remember the Jnana of this birth? The Avidya Lesha in that
> birth must be less than Avidya Lesha in this birth? Because if Avidya Lesha
> is not decreasing he will have to take birth again and again like us
> ordinary people. If it is decreasing in every birth  after some births it
> will vanish totally and he can become Videha Mukta.

​This is not *sAmpradAyika *views as you can deduce on your own after
reading our views.

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