[Advaita-l] Desire, Jnana and Moksha

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Dear Sri Rajaramji,

The answer to your question based on Jivanmuktiviveka by Sri Vidyaranya is
as follows

For one to become a Jivanmukta, three conditions have to be satisfied
namely attainment of jnana, manonasha and vasanakshya. But for liberation
and absence of rebirth attainment of jnana alone is sufficient. It may be
pertinent to point out that there are other views amongst advaitins on the
question of when a person becomes a Jivanmukta. Many are of the view that
on attainment of jnana itself a person becomes a jivanmukta. However there
are no differences concerning rebirth. attainment of jnana alone is
sufficient for escaping from rebirth.

When Ajnana is destroyed , Jnana automatically without any further effort
as it is Swayamprakashah. This also leads to destruction of all sanchita
and agami karma phalas. But prarabdha karma phala can be exhausted only by
experiencing it. Hence the body continues to function. Dependimg on the
sadhanas carriedout prior to jnana it is posssible that the other two
attributes namely mano nasha and vasanakshaya might not have taken place.
For this further nishtha in brahman is needed. After these two are also
achieved he becomes a jivanmukta in this body itself.. However even without
these there is no rebirth for one who has attained jnana. Once the current
body dies, there is no further bodies to be taken.


On Wed, Dec 4, 2013 at 12:32 PM, <rajaramvenk at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hare Krishna! It is said that jnAna is the sole cause of liberation but a
> jnani need not have gone through total mano nasa and vasana kshaya. It is
> said some jnanis don't even sublate kama, krodha etc. If there are desires
> are left in the mind, won't the sukshuma sarira go in to a new body to
> enjoy that? How can there be moksha?
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