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*Vishnu Sahasranama - Shankara Bhashya*


Since you mention Vishnu sahasranama, I am reminded of one name and
explanation of the word 'keSava' by Kanchi Paramacharya. At once I remember
Gurur Brahma verse, in which Guru is mentioned Separately after the trinity
as para Brahman (also found in Kanchi Paramacharya book - the Guru
Tradition, Part 7)
23 केशव keSava

Shankara BhASya by Gita Press

Adi Shankara in his BhASya explains the meaning of the word KeSava in three
different ways. The second definition is:

KeSava is made up of 4 words

'ka', 'a', 'isa', 'va'

ka = Brahma

a = Vishnu

isa = Mahadev / Shiva / Shankara / Mahesha / Rudra

va = That which one has in one's possession, what is under one's sway. i.e.
One who contains in himself - Lord of Creation, Preservation and
Dissolution is keSava.

Paramacharya upon explaining this statement says: He must be ParamAtmAn

Paramacharya also says that in Veda-s and PurANa-s Brahma and Vishnu are
referred to as such (ka & a) at many places.

*Source: *

*Page: 192, Part 6, The Guru Tradition, Kanchi Paramacharya*

*Vishnu Sahasranama Shankara BhASya, Hindi Translation, Gita Press, Page

Other two explanations of the word KeSava are:

§  The one whose keSa (hair) is called as KeSava

§  Then follows above explanation  (Ref. Panini Sutra 5.2.109)

§  The killer or slayer of demon KeSIkA is called as KeSava. Further
acharya cites Ref of Vishnu PurANa 5.16.23

We can  connect the word KeSava with a famous SubhAshita-s which forms the
essence of veda-s

*"Ruchinam vaichitryad rijukutil nana path jusham; nrinam ekogamyastvamasi

"Due to the differences in individual dispositions, people follow different
paths, but you are the only destination of all of them, just as the sea is
the destination of all the waters"

*Akashat patitam toyam sagaram prati gacchati, sarva deva namaskaram
Keshavam prati gacchati"*

"All the water fallen from the sky goes to the sea,
salutations to all the gods reaches to the one Lord Hari"

Note: This Subhashita plays over and over again in Shankaracharya movie :)





I have a copy of PanchAdasi translated by Swami Shankarananda of Chinmaya
mission in Hindi.

In that 2.54-58, Sri VidyAraNya SvamI explains that mAyA is ek-deSiya and
not that it is present everywhere.He cites reference from Purusha suktam,
Gita chapter 10 (mostly it is BG 10.49), Sv. Up to confirm that Lord
created this universe, which is only a part (anSa).

I hope above info contributes positively to the original topic.


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