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>> experience of jIvan mukti

RV Ji, isn't experience in the realm of duality contrasting moksha. i.e a 'jnani' doesn't experience differently, he understands. Isn't seeing clay, gold and ultimately brahman is all that to liberation.



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Dear All, 

We all see a pot where a pot is. We see a rope where a rope is. We may mistake a rope for a snake due to similarity but we don't mistake it a rope for a pot, man or silver. The universal nature of our objective experience (pot, pain etc.) should tell us that there is an objective reality underlying them. If we say that the underlying reality is false, we will fail to deal with them in an objective manner. The experiences of pain and pleasure are universal to all creatures and result from the underlying realities such as disease, desirable objects etc. Materialism based on realism is required to focus on medical research that remove pain and making iPhones that increase pleasure. Is it not? 

I agree that vedanta gyana known through meta-physical perspective through sastras and logic is necessary for liberation or eternal bliss. Even there we may make devices and drugs that give the experience of jIvan mukti by creating the required mental modification.  I see a convergence of physics and meta-physics in future. What do you scholars think?

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