[Advaita-l] Real vs. Unreal

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Why does it not go on the rise of jnana? The pot remains a pot whatever my conviction is about my self - deha, manas or brahman. Hence, my question - how do you know for certain the world is unreal???


When you wake up after the sleep, you are convinced that all throughout the
sleep, the dream which you dreamt is just a play of mind.  Similarly,
after the dawn of right knowledge, the illusoriness of the world can be

This is the basic underlying principle of advaita which is stated in
1st sloka of dakshinamurti stotra.  

Now, to explain about the vishaya-sukha-anubhUti of the jnAni after the dawn of knowledge,
the advaita sampradAya teaches certain nyAya prakriyAs to understand the jnAni-charya
in the vyavahAra namely 

1) gangA-nimagna-ardha-kAya nyAya 
2) kAkAkSi nyAya.

These two nyAyAs are extremely important to understand how a jnAni behaves in the 


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