[Advaita-l] Real vs. Unreal

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There is a misconception that there is no vyavahAra for jnAnIs.  

"vyavahArE dvaitinaH sarvE" is the vAkya.  The vyavAhra exists
both for jnAnIs and ajnAnIs alike.  However, the perception differs among

Though the the crow has two eyes on either side, it's visibility is only one-sided. 
To see the both sides, it has to shift it's vision on each side alternatively owing to 
it's one-sided vision.  So, anubhuti of brahmAnanda and vishayAnanda in jnAni is like
the vision of the crow.  This is kAkASi-nyAya.

There is another example that is compared to a person who knows and can 
speak 2 languages ie., laukika & vaidka bhASa at the same time 
(dwibhASAbhijnavadvidyA dubhau laukika vaidikau).

There is another nyAya called "gangA-nimagna-ardha-kAya" nyAya.  
Just as one takes a half deep dip in the ganga river till one's waist and
experiences the "wetness of the water" from toe to waist and simultaneously
experiences the "heat of the body" from waist to head (which is not wet),
the jnAni experiences both vishayAnanda and brahmAnanda simultaneously
like the above-mentioned person whose half-portion is inside the river.

There is another nyAya called "dEhaLI-datta-dIpa" nyAya.  Just as 
when the lamp placed on the threshold of the house illumines the house
both inside one and the outside one, similarly, the jnAni experiences
this state of both samsAra vishayAs and brahmAnanda sukha.

So, among the jnAnIs, the trace of shuddha-sAtvika-ahaMkAra remains
which is required for "lOka-kalyANa" and "sishya-uddharaNa".  Otherwise,
there wouldn't have been any shAstrAs for our study.


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