[Advaita-l] Mayavada Darpanam

Sujal Upadhyay sujal.u at gmail.com
Mon Dec 16 07:08:19 CST 2013


I found a blog dedicated to refuting Madhvacharya's Mayavada Khandanam. The
blog is named Mayavada Darpanam <http://mayavadadarpanam.blogspot.in/>.

This blog is a result of original work by the author Sri Hariram, a devotee
of Amma adn is written by Sanskrit. the author has himself translated into
English. The work also contains Madhvacharya's, Jaya Teertha's (commentary)
and others objections.

Navigating the blog is a bit tricky, as if you click an individual article,
then on the sidebar, it shows only previous articles. So, you will have to
click on the header (banner) to reach home page.

Better option is to visit home page and click on archives starting from May
2006 <http://mayavadadarpanam.blogspot.in/2006_05_01_archive.html>.

As a nature of blog, latest articles are shown on top i.e. in descending
order of posting. Hence you will have to read the blog from bottom to top.

I am not aware if PDF is available. If time permits, I may create on and
also try to create essence, which mostly revolves around 2 levels of truth
and avidyA (ignorance).

I must say that it is a good attempt to refute objections raised by
dvaitins. It looks like the author has posted articles in a mailing list or
discussion forums (bulletin board)

those who are not very knowledgeable and acquainted to read this type of
work, It may take time to understand what the objections are and their
refutation, hence it is better to read slowly in free time.

What is your opinion about this work?



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