[Advaita-l] Maayaavaada and Brahmavaada

Venkatesh Murthy vmurthy36 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 16 23:00:42 CST 2013


Maayaavaada -

Snake is seen as rope. But when you realize rope there is no snake. The
snake was a Maayaa snake. You saw it. It cannot be Asat like a Hare's horn.
Because you can never see Hare's Horn. The Maayaa snake is not Sat because
it is not rope. It is not Sat and not Asat also. It got destroyed by rope

Brahmavaada -

Snake is seen as rope. It is a simple misunderstanding. No need to bring
mysterious Maayaa. If you realize it is a rope you will laugh at yourself
for silly misunderstanding. You are seeing rope only when you are thinking
you are seeing snake. The snake is only in your head. It is not outside. It
is not a mysterious Maayaa Kalpita snake. You were seeing rope only in the
past you are seeing rope only now and you will see rope only in future. The
misunderstanding was removed when you get rope Jnana. There is no
destruction of snake because it was a simple misunderstanding in your head.
There is nothing to destroy. There is no creation of rope. It was there, it
is there now and it will be there in future.

World is seen with Bheda by Ajnani. But Jnani sees only Brahma everywhere.



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