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I think we should learn our traditions before commenting on them in a casual manner as each tradition has gems. Otherwise, what is the difference between some vaishnava attacking the great tradition of advaita and advaitin attacking others? If Sankara is here today, he would agreed with the different schools on common points and disagreed on the points of difference. 

In my initial mail, I have given the historical context. There are two versions  of kali santarana upanishad and radha tantra. 

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1. What is the version of the mantra there? 

praNAms Hare Krishna

As per my knowledge hare rAma comes first followed by hare Krishna in 
kalishAntaraNa Up....But in ISKCON chanting starts with Hare Krishna. 
Perhaps to prove the supremacy of Krishna they might have opted this 

Hari Hari Bol!!!

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