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Jennifer Morrison

I have been interested in Eastern Mysticism for many years,and I have books on 
Ramana Maharashi-my most favorite guru-because of his simplicity,humility, and 
love of animals.In the early sixties.my husband subscribed to a book club,and 
ordered"The Hundred Thousand songs of Milarepa--and that started my journey 
into Eastern Myticism.

I am a retired med. Tech.,and now that eveyone is gone,I have plenty of Time 
to read and think.I am also interested in the guru lineages in India,and why 
they are so important to Indian Philosophy-Jennifer.

Joseph Koudelka

Born upon the red dirt roads of east Texas, by the grace of God, I discovered 
Advaita Vedanta.

In this discovery, I found that I had been mistaken, I have never been born, I 
never die, I alone Am.

aham brahmasmi

Vinu S Kaimal

I am interested in advaita Vedanta. Please approve my request.

Vinu s Kaimal.

R. Venkatraman


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