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In general I have observed that Adviata does not oppose any one, not even
Vaishnava-s. the main acharya-s, the founding acharya-s like Madhva have
dedicated their time to create texts specially for attacking advaita. This
is never the purpose or intention of advaitins. Unfortunately, we advaitins
are forced to defend our views, faith and philosophy.

In general people do not study rival texts. Studying all systems,
objecting, refuting is the work of vidvans and not laymen. Laymen are
concerned with studying texts related to our sampradAya. But when there is
an attack, this uses hair splitting logic, and is done on purpose with
wrongly representing our own faith and then knocking down thereby creating
strawmen, then one has to give clarity of thought and present advaita

Hence I had given a link to a good work, which also gives us clarity on our
own system and removes all doubts.

Hari OM


Sujal Upadhyay

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