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Sujal Upadhyay sujal.u at gmail.com
Tue Dec 17 09:44:15 CST 2013

Namaste Ramesh ji,

I offer my condolences to you and your family.

I have passed through the phase of communicating with spirits. I would
suggest you NOT to try to communicate. My cousin sister died in a car
accident leading behind 2 small kids when she was around 33. Her husband,
who too was injured, was in worst condition then you are.  She died in her
youth messing all the big plans they were into.

I was earlier practising Pranic healing. Though this is a non-traditional
technique, and it does not teach specific methods to communicate with soul,
I managed to contact them after I got saktipat.

Believe me, they come fast when you call them, but refuse to go. They are
hard to get rid off. This is the case when there is pre-mature death.

I would not talk much about it, but I had personal experience. I request
you NOT to try to communicate with them. Perhaps, they feel pain too when
they get pulled by your constant remembrance. Yes this is true. They also
have to complete their journey and the best you can do is not to disturb
their life. They were your parents for only and only this life. After this
they will be born again and continue their journey. Their birth will depend
upon their pre-dominant last thought or wish.

The best you can do is to go to chaanod or gayaa and do nAraNa baLI.

I had learned meditations to activate kundalini and store it. We become
mediums and pass on divine energy to patients. I had also tried to bless
others by passing on my energies developed after years of intense
meditations and had developed hyper sensitivity and other power like
clairvoyance, clair audience. clair sensitence, to a certain degree. After
this my life changed and I turned to advaita and Sri Ramakrishna's
biography changed my whole life and perspective. I no more am interested in
this stuff.

I also have the ability to take on dis-ease, but I was strickly prohibited
from doing so, even when I was practicing Pranic Healing. This was due to
several reasons

1. You are interfering in divine plan
2. You do not know the consequence afterwards. Even taking on minor
diseases, which are curable medically, has deep impact upon you and you may
have to suffer much longer.
3. Your own aura (energy body) may grow weak and hence physical body will
also get weaken or affected in one way or other.
4. Lack of capacity to take on would mean a disaster waiting to happen.

Some people have to live with the disease for their entire life. One wrong
emotional decision and you will have to pay heavily.

So I request you not to get too much emotional and concentrate on doing
spiritual activities. Never ever fall in spirit contacts or taking other
people's pain upon you, even though he/she is your blood relative.
Everybody is born with a prarabhdha and they have done their own karma and
will have to suffer for the same.

Perhaps your father died at ripe age.

What is important is to take care when he was living. If you had not
ignored him when he was living and did all that was within your capacity,
then it is enough to repay your depths. When prarabhdha extinguished, you
two have separated.

Doing nitya karma is good, but constant remembrance is not good for you or
for you father. It is said that we should not keep the photos of dead one
with ourselves like making a photo frame and hanging on a wall. It keeps
reminding. Remembrance creates in a link between your subtle body and your
father and some times he is forced (against the divine plan) to come near
you, but he cannot do anything to communicate. This obstructs his own
spiritual progress. Keeping photoes of Self Realized is allowed and even
encouraged as the vibrations coming from them are all divine.

We have life in other bodies too, that are much longer than the life in
physical body. Hence it is better to let him continue his journey in other
subtle bodies until they deteriorate and the soul sheds them too until the
kAraNa sharira is only left, which does not die but continues to exist s
long as one is not free from bondage of cycles life and death.


Regarding construction of temple, it is a very noble initiative. I doubts
whether the budget is sufficient or not, but you can think of collaborating
or created a small temple, as a moderately big public temple may cost more
than a crore. Find what is the best alternative to this and good luck. I
appreciate your initiative.

Please do not remain clinged and live in past. We all have to move on.

You can pray to God for his sadgati, so that he can immediately take birth
and do not remain in heaven or hell. This is sadgati. But do not pray for
whole life, pray for 9 days and that's it. Rest leave it to God. God is
more compassionate and is much more concerned about his devotees and his
creation then we are. God wishes that we all realize our true nature and is
always ready to help us. It is left to us to walk on spiritual path or not.

Should I repeat it one more time - Do not try to contact the departed ones
and not to take anyone's karma or trouble. You yourself are not capable to
get liberated, how can you help others. Though the intention is noble,
sometimes, it is wise not to put it into action.




Sujal Upadhyay

"To disconnect from the self and to become Aware of anything else is
nothing but unhappiness" - Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi

He who has faith has all
He who lacks faith, lacks all
It is the faith int he name of lord that works wonders

On Tue, Dec 17, 2013 at 5:21 PM, RAMESH RAMANAN
<rameshramanan at yahoo.co.uk>wrote:

> Dear members of the Advaita Vedanta board,
> Pranams,
> I need some clarifications and assistance of the members for the following:
> 1) Is it possible for a person to assume or take over the responsibility
> for the karma sesham (balance of karma) and papa-sesham (balance of sins,
> if any) of a dead person and make suitable amends/ atonement for the same,
> so that the dead person is totally relieved from having to undergo the
> cycle  of births and deaths? I am asking this specifically, because my
> beloved father expired in tragic circumstances, due to a severe brain
> hemorrage.  He was not aware of Atma-vichara or Self-enquiry, though he
> used to chant the names of God everyday. I want him to be liberated from
> this worldly births and deaths and not suffer again, because he had
> suffered too much in this life.
> If the answer to the above question is yes, I would like to know the steps
> that I can adopt to achieve this. I would love to undergo all pain and
> disease to ensure that my father is liberated from rebirths, because he
> sacrificed most of his life for all of us and lived a honest man's life.
> He was never given to harsh words towards anyone and he had a by-pass
> surgery in 2009 and suffered from urine catheter problems for nearly four
> years till the end.
> 2) is it possible for me to communicate with the spirit of my father and
> find out his current position? Is there anyone who can really help me in
> this regard? Do the members of the board know someone who can be trusted in
> this matter? I would not like to meet quacks or pretentious people.
> 3) I would like to have a small Shiva temple (location: somewhere within
> Chennai, Tamil Nadu, to which I can take my aged mother easily) constructed
> in memory of my father with a small inscription "This temple has been built
> in loving memory of Sri V.V. Ramanan, by his wife, Srimati Vathsala Ramanan
> and his sons, Dr. Prakash Ramanan, Ramesh Ramanan and Sri Kumaran Ramanan."
> My TOTAL budget for the same is Rs 8-10 lakhs.
> I would like a reputed organization to come forward to take up this task
> and take care of all aspects of the the future management of the temple,
> including regular pooja, rituals, festivals, Kumbhibishekam, further
> funding, upkeep and maintenance of the temple, etc. My mother is aged 75
> and may not be around for the completion of the construction of the temple
> and hence, would like to see the inscription being placed in front of the
> sanctum sanctorum of Lord Shiva at the beginning of the construction
> itself.  Can any members of this board suggest a good authority who can be
> contacted in this regard? I do not want the temple to be left unattended
> and uncared for, and I want it to be handed over to reputed
> spiritual/religious authorities, who will have to ensure that they will
> take care of all aspects of the temple.
> The temple should have the idols of Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Parvati,
> Lord Karthikeya and their respective vehicles (Vaahana). I do not know
> whether it is possible to build a temple within this very limited budget,
> but I would like to try and find out.
> Sorry for the long post and sincere thanks in advance for replies from the
> members of the board.
> With sincere thanks, Pranms,
> Ramesh Ramanan.
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