[Advaita-l] Doubts on karma, future births, etc.

Nithin Sridhar sridhar.nithin at gmail.com
Tue Dec 31 02:14:14 CST 2013

If I understand you correctly, your basic Q is regarding the evaluation of
the progress. Well, you cannot evaluate in terms of how many karmas are
left over or how many karmas have been burned.

Instead, you can evaluate based on Internal changes. The scriptures speak
about 6 internal enemies- anger, lust etc Now, how do you control the mind
in situations that often result in anger, fear, attachment or too much
attraction etc. These can be judged by yourself.

Example, a person who gets angry at the drop of the hat, may slowly through
Sadhana and effort control his mind and his anger. Eventually he may slowly
master his mind not to get angry at all. Similarly, people become too much
pleased with good things and become pained at encountering obstacles. But,
by sadhana, slowly one can develop state of Stitahprajna neither being
elated with praise nor being painted at criticism.

These are the tools for self evaluation. The very first step of spiritual
progress lies in Purifying of the mind and destruction of internal
weakness. And, any Sadhana would help in this direction.


On Tue, Dec 31, 2013 at 12:27 PM, Suresh <mayavaadi at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Thanks, friends.
> I understand that only Jnana can eliminate all karma - not disputing that.
> But I am wondering how we will know whether the karma is getting
> eliminated? I am talking about evaluating ourselves, not judging others.
> How will I know for certain that Jnana is destroying my karma, and that
> there is nothing else i need to do?
> I am a little confused as to how we assess progress - do we simply assume
> that because we're advaitins (and therefore have right knowledge), karma
> will be eliminated sooner or later? Or do we assess our behavior, thoughts,
> and come to conclusions?
> Suresh
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