[Advaita-l] I have a question on reading of Garuda Purana at home after the death of a relative *\(Father in my case)

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That is good, as to my knowledge, the departed soul hovers around the house for ten days and gets the complete astral body only by the end of the tenth day. So whatever is performed in the house, during those ten days of mourning, is observed by the departed (as if personally).

Some people believe that chanting of the Bhagavad Gita (when the person lies on the death-bed) is helpful.

Some people also believe in donating a cow during the Shraddha, so that the dead can cross the Vaitarani river, with the help of the cow. This may be something like getting Garuda's help in crossing the Vaitarani river by flying over it. This is however just a guess.  May be someone may tell us more on it. 

There is also the practice of performing Shraddha in Gaya, by those who can make it.

Sunil KB

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Subject: [Advaita-l] I have a question on reading of Garuda Purana at home after the death of a relative *\(Father in my case)
The practice that we followed when my father passed away in October 2012,
at age 88 due to complications resulting from heart failure (CHF) and
diabetes, was to get the garuDa purANa read by a purohita everyday from the
3rd day until the 10th day. My brother and I and our families as well were
present during the reading. I am much moved by your message. My father was
also a great soul. Whatever I have learned in life is because of his
intense passion for learning and teaching us, by his own example, the
principle that learning never ends. He also led a highly disciplined life,
following extreme regularity in all his daily activities. People could set
the time on their watches based on his activities. In his younger years, he
visited most of the well known pilgrimage places in India and gave
generously to institutions that spread the knowledge of our sanAtana
dharma. He revered Shri Abhinava Vidya Tirtha svAminaH greatly and had met
him in Sringeri. After retirement, the study of philosophy became his full
time pursuit. He has left us with many notebooks of his writings, which I
will go through and try to publish.

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