[Advaita-l] Bondage and Liberation Logical or Illogical.

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The entire exercise of the pursuit of ATMA JNANAM revolves around the
interpretation of shAstrA and the individual!
shraddA-GURU-tradition- mananam-getting the doubts clarified- and staying
on to the knowledge is the intelligent way of pursuing ADVAITA.
Swami Sarvabhutananda

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> There had been comparison between Adwaita and Dwaita schools on the
> Mandukyopanishath Karika,
> "Anadi Mayaya suptah yada jivah prabhudhyate!
> Ajam anidram asvapanm adwaitam budhyate tada!!
> Madhwacharya says here,Maya is "Vishnu Maya".But,here, what is written
> here is "Maya"which is Maya of the Jiva.If it is 'Vishnu Maya" the Karika
> would have mentioned "Vishnu Maya".But,it states,Anadi Mayaya suptah yada
> Jivah prabhudhyate.
> N.Srikanta
In Adwaita vedanta,it is not interpretation on which it is based,but the right understanding.Even a comma or a fullstop at the wrong place can misinterpret the sentence.In the example above,what is referred is the Maya of the jiva-who is asleep due to Anadi maya.This maya belongs to the jiva.Though "shradda,Guru Tradition"are in their places,it is ultimately the understanding of the individual which can bring knowledge.

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