[Advaita-l] Talks on Sanatsujatiyam by Prof. vk

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Fri Feb 8 22:01:21 CST 2013

PraNams to all. 
Professor V. Krishnamurthy (popularly known as Prof. vk) is
well known in the Advaita Vedanta community, as an author of several books on advaita and
moderator of advaitin list, has just started giving talks on Sanatsujatiyam which is being webcasted on
In the professor words: Sanatsujatiyam is a small Vedantic
text of four chapters in the Udyoga-parva of Mahabharata.  It is cast in
the form of a dialogue between King Dhritarashtra and the divine sage
Sanatsujata (also known as Sanatkumara, famous for his exposition to Narada in
Chandogya Upanishad). Inspite of its brevity, (or because of it),
Shankaracharya has thought it fit to write a whole Bhashya on it.
Shankara-Bhashya of Sanatsujatiyam is half as big as his Gita-Bhashya – though
the Gita is more than five times as big as Sanatsujatiyam. Many misconceptions
regarding layman’s understanding of Vedantic concepts and their impact on daily
living are cleared in this text. The Sanskrit is simple but the meanings are
profound. It is considered  one of the important advaitic   texts,
because it covers a wide spectrum of what it is to be an advaitin.
Advaita academy is doing a great
service in bringing many Vedantic scholars on line utilizing the latest
available channels for various texts and preserving them for ready availability
for those who are interested. Several talks on various texts are being
webcasted and also preserved for any one to listen the talks at ones own pace. 
Hari Om!

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