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Can we say this in one sentence as follows? After Adhyayana or study of the shastras (Agama as well as  nigama, itihasa and purana) the next step is to do the Svadhyaya or continue the practice of self-study regularly in order  to understand  the shastras through chintana (i.e., through rumination and thinking) in order to do the Pravachana or Adhyapana or teaching of the shastras and also to apply the same (learnings) in Vyavahara (i.e., in in own day to day life accordingly).  

Secondly the seemingly contradictory statements many a times may not really be self-contradictory. It may sometimes be like calling a half-filled glass as a half-empty glass. One should try to see whether the two seemingly contradictory statements can be reconciled, of course without  compromise.

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Patanjali in his mahAbhASya (1-1-1) says:
chaturbhishcha prakAraiH vidyOpayuktA bhavati - 
Agama kAlEna; swAdhyAya kAlEna; pravachakAlEna; vyavahAra kAlEna iti.
Agama kAla is taken as vEda grahaNa kAla (learning); swAdhyAya kAla is taken as
vEda abhyAsa kAla; pravachana kAla is taken as vEda adhyApana kAla and
vyavahAra kAla is taken as yajna karma kAla.
Further, the word "swAdhyAya" is defined as:
"swAdhyAyO mOkSashAstra adhyayanaM praNava japO vA"... vyAsa bhASya
Also, the shatapatha brAhmaNa says "ahar ahar swAdhyAyaM adhItE" which implies that one should ever perform the swAdhyAya.  To which again the shatapatha brAhmaNa says that:
"vidyA vAkyOvAkyaM "itihAsa purANaM gAthA" iti ahar ahar swAdhyAyaM adhItE"
And last but not the least "swaM adhyayanaM iti swAdhyAyaH" which implies that "swa / Atma" vishaya chintanaM, in other words, "Atma / brahmAnuchintanaM".  
Infact, it is this brahmAnuchintanaM which should be done while squatting, sleeping, eating, running or while driving car etc. 
So, what i meant was the scope of swAdhyAya is not just restricted to just mantra bhAga having tri-swarAs but the entire gamut of mOksha shAstra comes under this umbrella. 
The purport to be taken here is "abhyAsa" and not "adhyayana" AND WHICH INFACT SHOULD BE DONE 24 x 7.  
The self-contradictory statements in the shruti should be analysed very carefully which is something like "uditE juhOti" "anuditE juhOti" / atirAtrE shoDashIm gruHNAti ; nAtirAtrE shoDashIM gruHNAti.
iti ..
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