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Title: Ashreya Subrahmanya Stotram  - Sri Subrahmanya Siddha Ashtottara
Language: Tamil
Author of the namavali: Sri Atmanandanatha
Commentary in Tamil:  Compiled by Srimati R. Bhagirathi (Based on Lectures
by Sri Goda Venkateswara SastrigaL)

sarvebhyo namaH

You will recall that Gyana Bhaskara Sangam published Sri  Lalitha
Sahasranamam with a detailed Tamil  commentary (running to 1000+ pages)
that has reached its third edition.The same Sangam has come out with its
second publication titled Ashreya Subrahmanya Sthothram  - Sri Subrahmanya
Siddha Ashtottara Shatanamavali,  a Srividya approach to Parabrahman in the
form of Subrahmanya.This ashtottara puja is done as a last puja before
deeparadhana, neivedhya etc. in Srividyopasana. This namavali has been
composed by
Sri Atmanandanatha,the paramaguru of Sri Chidanandanatha.The 375 page book
contains the Tamil meaning of each namavali based on lectures given at
Sakthimaya (the residence of Mrs Rajam Sury) by Sri Goda Venkateswara
Sastrigal.He has also vetted the commentary and has also written a forward
to the book.The book is priced at Rs 295 and arrangements are being made to
sell thro Jayalakshmi
Indological Book House as well as Giri trading Company in Mylapore,
Chennai. A review of this book will soon appear in The Hindu newspaper.
This commentary explains the meanings of names in the ashhtottara from
variety of viewpoints (vedanta, yoga, tantra, and bhakti).

With Mrs Rajam Sury having attained Sripuram,  the Srividya Group has
started a Trust in her honor titled Sri Lopamudhra Trust to carry out the
her objectives.  This is  first  publication since then. The book is
available with Ms R. Bhagirathi, Door No. 83/2 (New no 2/2) Indira
Colony,First St., Ashok nagar Madras 600 033 Telephone no: 24891344 (email:
r.bhagirathi at yahoo.com). If you need more information please contact her.

For your perusal, the cover pages and three pages from Sri Goda
Venkateswara Sastrigal's foreword is made available at

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