[Advaita-l] What is Gupta Navaratri?

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> Namaste,
> /// and the spitting of the red juice on someone  //
> It was none other than syama sastri's own guru Sri Sangeeta Swami, who was
> a yati.

Thanks.  Here is that episode that I had heard long ago:


// *Sangita* *Swami* instructed him to make the acquaintance of *
Pachimariyam* *Adiyappan* to listen to his scholarly music. *Shyama* *
Shastri* did so, and almost immediately became *Adiyappayya’s* favorite. He
was quite enthralled by the young *Shyama’s* music and even, it is said,
refused to wipe a stain *Shyama* had accidentally caused while chewing
betel leaves from his clothes, saying that it, too, had in it the mysteries
of *Shyama’s* true music (*nija* *sangita*).//

Thanks to Shri D.V.N.Sharma for the other reference.


> Sri Syama Sastri had this habit of chewing paan and tantra shAstra
> prescribes this
> method for getting the grace of syAmala dEvi in order to excel in sangita
> shAstra.
> The rAja syAmala mantra anuSTAna prescribes the mantra anuSTAna with paan
> in
> the mouth for quick siddhi in sangeeta shAstra.  There is a prakriya of
> propitiating
> "ucchiSTa mAtangi" this way.

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