[Advaita-l] What is Gupta Navaratri?

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> namaste,
> > the *khadyOta* (a commentary on gaNapati sahasranAma)
> It is available from some university libraries in the United States. It
> has been a while since I looked at it. It is a very short commentary in
> verse form, and does little more than give the simple meaning of the names.

​Whatever the importance of this commentary is, is another thing.
I just found that khadyota was recently, i.e. in 1991, published by prAchya
prakAshana of vArANasI. All the books published by them are available
through chaukhambha.

Have a look at the foot link here :

Here is a post in ambaa-l group where Satish mentions about this book:

If anyone here knows kannaDa, then please see this link too :

Search the word khdyota on the linked page. It gives the contact of seller :

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