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PraNAms to all

Just read the story below attributed to Gurudev Swami Chinmayanandaji. If we can stand apart and look at the happenings in life we can be the spectators of this wonderful life - the leela vibhuuti.
Hari Om!

" An airbus leave Chennai everyday at 6 AM to Delhi.  It has 180 
passengers: One passenger is a student appearing for an interview, 
another is going there on an official work, one person is a sports 
person, another is going for a medical treatment, yet another one is 
attending his brother's wedding and etc etc. Let us take an example of 
the young executive going to Delhi for his official work.  He has seen 
his young wife and son in the morning before going to the airport in the early morning.  He told his wife that he would be back from Delhi two 
days later.  Around 9 AM, his wife gets the news that the plane has 
crashed while landing in Delhi and all the occupants are dead.  It is 
certainly the saddest moment for his wife and little son.  It is an 
event that she cannot forget.  An event that has changed her life 
totally in a moment.  Tragedy apart, this event brings forth various 
other events over a period of time like the ripples that come up when a 
stone is thrown in a flowing river.  Another person in the same 
organization (where the young executive was working) gets elevated to 
the higher position left vacant by the dead man.  Another strong 
contender aspiring to get this position is not getting this, he gets 
frustrated and resigns the job.  One person from Mumbai who always 
wanted to come to Chennai because his aged mother was not happy with 
Mumbai gets the job caused by the resignation of the frustrated 
employee.  The new man from Mumbai, though not very happy about the new 
job, he ultimately marries a girl who is his neighbor.  Incidentally, 
the neighboring girl  did not find a suitor for a very long time and 
finally, she is lucky to get a good husband.  The old mother of the 
young man falls down on the road when she was going to a neighboring 
temple and this requires prolonged hospitalization.

If you 
look at the above events, one event (of airbus crash) has led to several
 connecting events and this would continue forever in life.  Mind you, 
we are talking about the sub events connected with one gentleman only 
who died in the air crash.  Simultaneously, several sub events come into
 offing.  The main event gives rise to so many sub events and these sub 
events themselves cause other events (sub sub events) and the ripples 
are there forever in our life.  This is the God's play.  In fact, we 
cannot call the air crash as the event because it is itself a sub event 
of an event kicked off earlier.  If you keep introspecting as to what is
 that event which is original, it is mind boggling.  You and I are 
participants of one of the many,many sub events.  Our introspection 
finally leads us to the conclusion that "the event" is God's will and 
play and we cannot understand as to when it started.  It is beyond the 
realm of time"

Hence, it is not possible to understand the 
infinity with our finite perceptions: Everything in life starts with HIM
 and ends with HIM.  The viswaroopa dharshan signifies this. 

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